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Professional therapy in a convenient and tranquil setting

DeRhodes Family Counseling is located in the heart of downtown Western Springs.  Across the street from the Western Springs BNSF Metra stop, and minutes away from 294,  DeRhodes Family Counseling is in a location that is easily accessible in a variety of methods including public transportation.   The staff at DeRhodes Family Counseling realize that proximity to public transportation and major thoroughfares is  just the first step towards convenience.  Convenience also recognizes that life has many demands on each and everyone of us, thus the hours for self care must be flexible.  In response to this awareness DeRhodes Family Counseling provides appointment availability seven days a week with early morning and late evening hours.  


Services Offered

DeRhodes Family Counseling is experienced in the provision of and available by appointment for the following:

- Individual Therapy

-Couples and Marriage Therapy

-Family Therapy

-Clinical Supervision

- Clinical Consultation

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